All Blues Player Awarded Residency in Chula Vista

Bulou Mataitoga at flyhalf, challenging the Raptors defense.

Bulou Mataitoga at flyhalf, challenging the Raptors defense.

We would like to congratulate current All Blues player Bulou Mataitoga for being offered a residency at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista! Women’s Eagles coach Richie Walker saw her potential during her performance at 7s Nationals just this past summer (where she also co-captained the All Blues), then at All Americans camp this past year. Sarah Davis, who helped coach our most recent 7s team, says that Bulou’s “love to tackle” was one of the things that caught Richie Walker’s eye.  Sarah adds that Bulou is “absolutely tenacious at defense...[making] multiple try saving-tackles in one sequence.”  Indeed, Bulou earned a “good teammate play” award for our first game this season for exactly that, preventing ORSU from scoring just a few meters shy of our try line.  


But more than Bulou’s technique and work rate as a defender, Sarah says that what makes her special is her “completeness” as a player.  According to her, “[Bulou] has always been a talented finisher, but this year she added the ability to create to her repertoire.  Lastly, her attitude is fantastic. She is really coachable and is really coming into her own as a team leader.”


Bulou’s residency runs from October 1st to December 31st.  She plans to balance her residency with playing with the All Blues through Nationals, which is in early November.  For anyone who might be interested in a similar opportunity, Bulou’s advice is “to keep playing with your local club, work hard, and you'll get seen by the coaches at tournaments. And above all else, never stop believing in yourself.”


Dollar-for-dollar fundraising campaign (until Nov. 4th)!

This is the letter that our lovely President Phoebe Boone sent us earlier this month.  Our dollar-for-dollar matching campaign will go until November 4th!  Help us raise money for our Player Assistance fund and send deserving players to Nationals--every dollar up to $2500 gets matched thanks to 2 very generous alumnae.  Details on how to donate below! 

Dear All Blues family,

For the next 7 weeks, we have an AMAZING opportunity to fundraise for players who cannot afford to play Premier level rugby. We have an offer from 2 VERY generous alumnae to MATCH any money raised for our Player Assistance fund - up to $2,500. That means EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR you donate from now until November 4th will be MATCHED...We raise $2,500 from you (our alums) and that turns into $5,000(!) because of our 2 generous alumnae. 

As most of you know, playing rugby has gotten significantly more expensive over the years. Every player in the WPL easily spends $1,500 to play every Fall. We do not want a lack of funds to be the reason anyone does not play rugby at the highest level possible with the All Blues. So please, help our players afford those away game flight tickets ($1000) our players afford hotels & rental cars at Nationals ($250) our players afford their dues ($250).

Every dollar you donate is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE so it's a win-win. You can donate via PayPalto (be sure and indicate the payment is for Family & Friends - and write Player Fund in the Notes field). Or you can mail a check (payable to Bay Area Youth Rugby - P.O. Box 8934, 1856 62nd St., Emeryville, CA 94608). Receipts will be provided upon request.

Every donation over $75 gets a NEW All Blues logo t-shirt (and a very nice thank you). I will update you every week with our progress towards that $2,500 goal - but don't wait until the last minute! Donate now and help us get our deserving players on their way to Nationals! (And I will hand deliver your brand spanking new t-shirt).

Thank you,

Phoebe Boone

WPL Season Updates

by Sky Knight

With three WPL league matches down and three to go, the All Blues are taking a step back to look at the road we've travelled, where we stand now, and the path ahead of us. In this time we're reflecting on what we want out of this season and how we are going to get there. In the words of head coach Katrina Logan, “it's been a tough first half of the WPL season. So far this season we're 0-3 and we were unable to put any points on the board last match.” To some extent, this can be chalked up to growing pains. With as new a squad as this one – for reference there is only one returning back from last WPL season – and with as many as 10 players sidelined due to injury, the lineup on Saturdays is in a constant state of flux, which is a great opportunity for younger players to get playing time, but is a challenge when seeking on-field cohesion. Many would look at our situation and phone it in for the rest of the season. But as our coach firmly states, “we're not going to do that.” 

With the strong legacy of the All Blues, the tough spot we're in this season in terms of our outcome goal (win the championship) is unfamiliar to many, and we've had to adjust ourperspective accordingly. Our outcome goal is still to win the championship, and with the strong culture we're building of individual and full-squad improvement, that goal is not out of reach. Coach Logan identifies an important step we have taken - developing concrete and measurable goals that focus on specific aspects of the game. “For example”, she says, “we wanted to increase the percentage of tackles we made behind the gainline, emphasizing our launch on defense, and we were able to do so in our last game, a significant improvement in our defensive effort despite our lackluster performance in attack.” To reach these concrete on-field performance goals, we've raised the intensity level at practices over the past week, driving each other to improve, and we're holding extra training and fitness sessions to sharpen our skills and step up our work rate. 

Despite the scores, backs captain Lauren Rhode points out, “there have been flashes of brilliance in our first three matches -- of note, Kedra and Angie hitting crash lines at pace for major gains, and Bulou and Ardia slicing and dicing on the outside into space. In the next three matches, we'll look to convert those moments into points.” Coach Logan adds that, “we have also seen a lot of potential with players like Courtney, a relative newcomer to rugby with great athletic ability - being able to build a strong foundation with her on fundamentals like tackling and clearing out has been beneficial. This season has also been a great opportunity for younger players like Bulou and Frieda to take on more leadership roles within the team, and with great role models like Katy Augustyn, they have been able to learn from the best.” Our progress is due in part to the wonderful and supportive people who volunteer their time working with the team, including Jen Crawford and Ruth Bryson who have been kind enough to make time to help with the backs at practice. We look forward eagerly to our next match against the Surfers, in which we will be focusing on our defensive structure and with some injured players hopefully coming back off the bench, it should be an exciting match! Finally, best of luck to Bulou who will be on contract with the US 7s program in Chula Vista. We'll see you at the pitch!

Work Out Like a Champion!

I chose this anaerobic workout because we are mid season and should be building towards our peak at Nationals.  This workout should get your heart rate up quickly and get you into an anaerobic training zone.  It integrates speed, strength, and endurance.  Interval style training is extremely applicable to rugby, and like rugby, allows you to really push your limits.


Start with a dynamic warm-up of your choice.

Set out markers 20 m apart

Series 1:  5 sets (no rest in between):

         Start on your stomach, sprint 20 m

         5 burpees (chest to ground, get up as fast as possible! Jump for height!)

         Side shuffle back to start

         10 (each side) mountain climbers

         Sprint 20 m

         Side shuffle (other side, back to start)


Rest 1 minute


Series 2:  10 sets (no rest in between):

         Start on your stomach, sprint 20m

         15 sit ups (do them as quickly as possible!)

         Slow walking lunges back to start (focus on control, keep core tight!)


Rest 1 minute

Repeat Series 1

Rest 1 minute 

Repeat Series 2

STRETCH!!! Don't forget your calves :)


Note: For added challenge, complete on a mild hill!  


Bonus: Here’s another workout for those moments when you have a second to work on that core!


Quick core workout

60 Flutter kicks

30 V ups (perfect form! As slow as you need to go)

60 sec Superman (hold)

30 (each side) Side crunches

30 (each side) mountain climbers

30 toe touches (legs straight!)

30 (each side) bicycles