Player Profile: Elena Edwards

Name (plus any rugby nickname(s)): Elena "E" Edwards

Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Position(s) played: Wing and occasionally Prop

All Blues since: 2012

Photo credit: Facebook

ABM: How did you find out about us (i.e. what/who got you to come to your first AB practice?)
E: I googled rugby teams in the Bay Area and the All Blues looked to be the most competitive and challenging team.


ABM: How did you first start playing rugby?  What got you into it?

E: There was a school announcement for it my freshman year of high school. I had nothing better to do at the time. It was the biggest challenge I had ever faced and I got yelled at more than I had ever been yelled at before. Somehow that resonated with me…

ABM: Do you have a philosophy/mindset when you practice and play rugby?  How do you get into “the zone”?

E: We used to have a “beautiful day” stretch in high school. Basically it was an excuse to lay on the ground for two minutes and do nothing, but I use it now to clear my mind before games.


ABM: What is your best memory, thus far, as an All Blue?  What do you like most about being on this team?
E: My best memory was my first year playing when we won the National Championship title. It was such a great feeling to work your butt off all season and really come together as a team when it counted.

Photo credit: Facebook

ABM: What do you like to do when you’re not playing rugby?

E: When am I not playing rugby?? I like to sneak in a book or painting/drawing on my one day off a year.


ABM: What is one interesting fact about the position you play that most people wouldn’t know off the bat?

E: There is a lot of pressure being a wing.


ABM: Do you know any poems by heart?

E: I hate poetry


ABM: Go-to-karaoke jam (or pump up song)?

E: Gin n Juice